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Boss Acoustic Singer Live Amplifier Maximize

Boss Acoustic Singer Live Amplifier

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Natural Sound with Power, Definition, and Presence
When it comes to amplifying your acoustic guitar, the Acoustic Singer Live is an incredible way to achieve the stage sound you're looking for. Boss engineers have managed create an amplifier that accurately reproduces the acoustic guitar's fast transient response and natural, three-dimensional feel. A powerful bi-amp design with extended peak power produces precise high-definition sound with ultra-clean broadband frequency response. Innovative materials and precision design points are utilized to create the custom built woofer and dome tweeter to allow the production of rich and vibrant sounds that fill the venue. The cabinet is constructed in such a way that enables the removal of unwanted resonant frequencies, and to allow for a tilt-back position giving your sound ultimate projection.

Versatile Guitar Channel with Acoustic Resonance Feature
Featured on the Acoustic Singer Live's guitar channel is a discrete analog input circuit giving you plenty of headroom to maintain the natural characteristics of your acoustic guitar. Working in combination with this natural and dynamic sounding circuit is Boss' Acoustic Resonance system, which returns the often sterile and digital sounding tone of piezo pickups back to their original organic tone. Working by enhancing the sound of your pickup, Acoustic Resonance restores the complex natural resonant frequencies that amplifying your guitar can often remove. A three-band EQ is featured on the guitar channel to assist in shaping your desired guitar tone, alongside a phase switch and notch control to tame any potential feedback issues. Rounding off the guitar channel is a beautiful guitar-optimized reverb, and two types of chorus to add that little bit extra to your sound.

Dedicated Mic Channel
Alongside the versatile and sophisticated guitar channel lies a dedicated microphone channel with a 1/4" and XLR combo socket with phantom power. Using a separate discrete analog input circuit, the mic channel allows you the same great headroom and accurate sound reproduction as the guitar channel. The channel also contains a three-band EQ, phase switch, and an anti-feedback notch control. Your sound can be tweaked by the addition of the in-built studio-grade delay/echo and reverb effects. This channel is ideal for vocals, or even mic-ing up your acoustic guitar. it can also be used effectively for blending an alternative amplification source you may have installed on your guitar, such as a second pickup option or an internal microphone.

Automatic Vocal Harmonies and Looping
The Acoustic Singer Live has a unique vocal harmony function, allowing you to create live harmonies using your amplified vocals and/or guitar. Due to this automatic capabilities of this function, it means there is no complicated setup required, meaning you can focus on playing rather than worrying that something may not be set quite right. Everything is analyzed in real time, including complicated chord progressions and melodies, which generates impressive harmonies perfectly tuned to your desired key. The intelligent processing utilized by the automatic harmony feature enables you to modulate to alternative keys whilst the harmony will follow with precision. There are two harmony types available on the amplifier, along with a unison setting for doubling your sound. Combined with this unique feature is the amp's built-in looper, providing a great deal of creative fun and inspiration for your material.

Advanced Connectivity and Control
Featuring a highly versatile stock of interfacing options on the rear panel of the amplifier, you will never be short of options for connecting your amp to other equipment. Dual DI/Line outputs are provided on XLR connectors, with a useful mode switch for blending the two output channels together. An aux input with level control allows you to add backing music from various sources to your amplified sound. Also on offer is a USB output, enabling you to connect straight to any digital audio workstation. The Rec/Phones jack grants you the ability to complete quiet practice sessions, or record to portable devices. There are also an abundance of footswitch inputs to allow external and easy control of features such as the automatic harmony function, looper, in-built effects and more via optional Boss footswitches.

Rated Power Output: 60W (Woofer: 50W, Tweeter: 10W)
Nominal Input Level: Mic Input: -33dBu (2.5 k ohms), Guitar Input: -10dBu (5 M ohms), Aux Input: -8dBu (10 k ohms)
Speaker: 16cm (6.5") Woofer x 1, 2.5cm (1") Dome Tweeter x 1
Controls: Power Switch, Master Knob, Tweeter ATT Button, Mute Button
Mic Controls: Pad Button, Phantom Power, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Anti-Feedback, Phase, Delay/Echo, Reverb
Guitar Controls: Pad Button, Acoustic Resonance, Volume, Bass, Middle, treble, Anti-Feedback, Phase, Chorus, Reverb
Harmony Controls: On button, Type, Level
Looper Controls: Looper, Stop/Clear
Aux Controls: Level
DI/Line Out: Mic/Mix Out Select, Guitar/Mix Out Select
Tweeter ATT
Mic Pad
Mic Phase
Guitar Pad
Guitar Phase
Guitar Acoustic Resonance
Harmony On
Harmony High
Harmony Unison
Harmony Low
Looper Rec
Looper Play
Looper Overdub
Mic: Combo XLR + 1/4" TRS
Guitar: 1/4"
Aux In: Stereo Miniature
Phones/Rec Out: Stereo 1/4"
DI/Line Out Mic/Mix: XLR
DI/Line Out Guitar/Mix: XLR
Footswitch Looper/Chorus: 1/4" TRS
Footswitch Harmony/Mute: 1/4" TRS, GA-FC: 1/4" TRS
Power Consumption: 40W
Accessories: owner's Manual, Power Cord, GA-FC Sticker
Options (Sold Seperately):
Footswitch: FS-5L, FS-6, FS-7
Expression Pedal: FV-500L, FV-500H, Roland EV-5
GA Foot Controller: Roland GA-FC
Width: 367mm (14-1/2")
Depth: 274mm (10-13/16")
Height: 314mm (12-3/8")
Weight: 10.5kg (23lbs 3oz)


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